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2 things you should not say to the other driver after a wreck

Many things happen during a motor vehicle accident, which can be confusing. You may be wondering if you are seriously injured or if your car is significantly damaged – and even why another driver would crash into you. All these can affect your ability to make the right moves. 

For this reason, you should relax before doing anything. Once you have calmed down and have confirmed you are safe, you can take the next steps, including exchanging insurance information with the other driver.

However, you should be cautious about what you tell them. Here are two statements to avoid saying.

1. “I’m sorry”

You should not apologize to the other driver, as this may be viewed as accepting fault for the accident. If you do this, and the other driver informs their insurance company, they may use this information to avoid compensating you or paying you less.

You can ask if they are fine, and if they need immediate medical attention, you can help them call an ambulance. But don’t apologize.

2. “I’m not hurt”

The other driver may also ask if you are fine. If they do, don’t respond with “I’m not hurt,” (or anything similar) even if you really do think you’re okay. Some injuries may become noticeable only days after the accident. Adrenaline can take your attention away from pain, which means you may not know how badly you are injured right away.

Medical examination will provide in-depth information about the location and extent of your injuries. Thus, you can tell the driver you will have more details after getting medical help. 

What you say to the other driver can be used against you. It will be best to get legal guidance after an accident to receive the compensation you deserve.