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Broken bones from car crashes can cost more than people expect

The force generated in a motor vehicle collision can very easily break bones. People often assume that broken bones are easy to treat after a crash and that insurance will fully cover their losses. When compared with the catastrophic injuries possible in a car crash, a fracture may not seem so serious. Most people recover from broken bones with minimal medical complications. People tend to assume that a broken bone will be neither expensive nor debilitating.

Unfortunately, that dismissive attitude about what is actually a very serious injury can put someone in a difficult position. Those who fail to seek appropriate compensation for broken bones after a car crash could end up with major expenses that they may ultimately struggle to cover.

Why are broken bones so costly?

The medical care for a broken bone might only add up to a few thousand dollars. People may require imaging tests and bone setting services. In some cases, a broken bone will require surgery. Broken bones that break into multiple pieces or push their way through surrounding tissue may require surgery. Many people require physical therapy after the bone itself heals. Other times, broken bones can lead to nerve damage and lasting medical issues, like complex regional pain syndrome.

Additionally, broken bones can force someone to take time away from work. Blue-collar workers, for example, might miss six weeks of work or even more because of their injuries. If they have lingering issues with strength or range of motion, they may struggle to return to the same career and could experience long-term lost wages.

For these reasons and more, understanding the true financial impact of a broken bone is crucial for someone’s pursuit of fair compensation after a crash.