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New Orleans Burglary Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with theft or burglary in New Orleans or a surrounding community? Whether you are a resident of or visitor to the area, facing these charges without a skilled attorney can greatly impact the outcome of your case. At Phillips Law, we have helped a significant number of clients mitigate the consequences of their criminal charges, and are ready to help defend you against your theft or burglary offense.

New Orleans Burglary Defense Attorney

Contact us immediately if you are accused of or arrested for burglary or theft. Often, a case can be settled more quickly and effectively by taking swift action. From the start, we navigate clients through the legal process from arranging bail to trial.

  • Theft: Typically, stealing is considered a relatively minor crime and includes violations such as shoplifting. However, the level of the offense depends on the value of the goods taken. It is possible for a theft charge to be considered a felony. Identity theft is one type of theft that is particularly increasing. Frequently, credit card fraud can involve the theft of credit cards.
  • Burglary: Burglary is more serious because it is considered a felony to enter someone’s house or place of business. Aggravated burglary occurs if someone was in the home or place of business during the incident or if a weapon was used.

If convicted, either charge can have a lasting impact that harms job prospects, loan applications and other business transactions, as well as personal relationships for years to come. We will protect your rights as we resolve either issue. If a conviction for theft or burglary is imminent, we also handle the record expungements. As experienced criminal law attorneys, we stand ready to resolve any theft or burglary case.

Metairie Criminal Defense Lawyers

At Phillips Law, we are committed to helping our clients successfully resolve their burglary or theft issue with skill and compassion. Contact us at 504-269-3952 to discuss your matter with a dedicated New Orleans theft attorney.