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Drivers are still distracted after they put their phones down

As texting and driving became both obviously dangerous and often illegal, many drivers resorted to what they thought was safer – texting at a red light. They would leave their phones in the cup holder or on the dash when they were driving, but then they would pick those phones up at lights to check their texts or social media.

It’s understandable why they would assume that this was safer. It feels like it’s definitely better since you’re only looking at your phone when your vehicle isn’t moving. However, studies have found that distraction doesn’t end just because you put the phone back down.

It can last for nearly half a minute

Interestingly, some studies discovered that people who put their phones down could still be distracted for 27 seconds (nearly half a minute). in some cases, that could be all the time that it takes to drive to the next red light — when the whole thing starts over again. But even in cases where the drivers kept going, the phone was still a distraction for the next 27 seconds, even though they weren’t looking at it.

What this shows is that cell phone use in the car always increases the risk of an accident. Even if you’re just sitting at a red light, you are still increasing the odds that you or someone else will be injured in a crash.

Now, you may take this information and decide that you won’t use your phone in the car at all. That does help to keep you safer, but remember that many other drivers are still going to keep doing this, and they can injure you as well. Make sure you know how to seek financial compensation