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New Orleans DWI Defense

Drunk driving is an issue that is taken very seriously in the state of Louisiana, and prosecutors face pressure to come down hard on offenders. If you have been charged with driving under the influence, it is essential to have a qualified defense attorney on your side in order to mitigate the consequences. At Phillips Law, we provide strategic representation for residents and visitors and offer practical legal solutions based on your specific circumstances.

Don’t Wait To Speak To An Attorney

Protect your freedom, driving privileges, record and rights. Contact us as soon as possible, if you are arrested for DWI (also known as OWI or DUI) in New Orleans.

As experienced criminal defense lawyers, we make the legal process less painful and will do everything possible to effectively resolve your case. From experience, we know a client’s first worry is often about how to stay out of jail. For first-time offenders, jail time can often be avoided through capable representation, and we are here to help.

We seek to get charges dropped by challenging evidence and questioning factors leading up to the arrest. If charges are inevitable, we minimize damage. Sometimes, the court will reduce sentencing if the accused has satisfied certain conditions prior to the completion of the case.

It is important to take strong legal action and form a defense that will stand up to aggressive prosecutors. The penalties for DWI and DUI in Louisiana increase in proportion to the level of intoxication and number of repeat offenses that have occurred during specific periods of time. Additionally, for DWI and DUI convictions can dramatically increase car insurance rates or in extreme cases involving multiple violations, even result in policy cancellations.

Driving under the influence of many common illegal drugs can fall under Louisiana’s DWI law. With so many variables involved, you need a skilled attorney at your side. As knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys, we have the experience you need to resolve drunk driving charges.