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DWI traffic stops can happen for minor reasons

In many DWI cases, the actual first step is just a traffic stop. The police officer has no idea that the driver is impaired. They may not even suspect it yet. They simply had a reason to pull the driver over. 

It is after the stop that the driver and the police officer converse, as the driver is instructed to hand over their license and registration. At this point, the officer may notice that the driver seems impaired and decide to give them a breath test.

But it’s important to know that these traffic stops can happen for relatively minor reasons, even though they could have such major ramifications. What are some of these reasons?

Simple driving mistakes

For one thing, police officers will pull people over for rolling through stop signs, changing lanes without using their turn signal or driving above the speed limit. Most people make minor mistakes every time they drive. If a police officer sees one, that can be all it takes for you to get pulled over.

Issues with the vehicle

Officers can also pull over vehicles because of problems with the car itself. For instance, maybe a driver has a headlight out or a taillight that doesn’t work. The police may also look for issues like something that could be obstructing your vision or a license plate that is out of date. You can drive perfectly and still get pulled over when there are problems with your car.

If you do end up facing drunk driving charges after one of these stops, it’s important for you to understand all of the legal defense options at your disposal.