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Felony conviction and its effects

To anyone facing a felony conviction in Louisiana, it is highly likely that your first thought is about how long your prison time will be. Many people also think about their future after serving their time. Unfortunately, life after a felony conviction is not an easy one. There are multiple obstacles that present themselves in daily life after a felony conviction.

Obtaining a job

Although you may have come a long way after serving your sentence, a felony conviction is still a huge black spot on your record. According to federal law, employers are not barred from asking you for a copy of your criminal history to see if you have any convictions or federal charges. In fact, many industries are allowed to not offer you a job because of your conviction.

Right to vote

Even after you’ve served your time, there are still certain rights that will be taken away from you. One of the most important includes the right to vote. However, this depends on the state you live in. For example, felons in Florida have the right to vote if they meet certain qualifications.

Right to bear arms

Another right that is taken away from convicted felons is the right to bear arms. Many states that restore voting rights still refuse to allow this right to be given back to a felon. In addition, you would be charged once again if you are found to be in possession of a firearm.

If you are facing felony charges, it is important to obtain the representation of a criminal defense lawyer. A lawyer might be able to get your charges reduced or your case dismissed so that you can avoid the serious consequences of a felony conviction.