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How to proceed after receiving federal charges

Louisiana residents may have heard that a police chief has resigned after being accused of rigging the hiring process. According to a federal complaint, he conspired with a personnel director to ensure that he would receive the job of police chief. During the hiring process, the personnel director allegedly leaked the exam questions to the former police chief. The two men also had two other police officers complete his exam and reportedly adjusted his score after the exam was completed.

As a result, both men were hit with federal charges that include rigging the hiring process and lying to FBI agents. One of the FBI agents involved with the case said that such activities are both illegal and unethical, and the community deserves police officers whom they can trust.

The police chief resigned shortly after the charges were released, and the assistant chief stepped in to take his place. The court ordered a $150,000 bond for each of the men involved.

How to proceed after receiving federal charges

Federal charges are some of the most serious charges that an individual can receive. Federal charges encompass a wide range of crimes, including homicide, burglary, assault, manslaughter, rape and certain drug offenses. When charged with federal crimes, an individual might face hefty penalties including large fines and years of jail time.

When an individual receives federal charges, they may benefit from speaking with an attorney. An attorney might assess the situation and find flaws in the prosecution’s case to use to their client’s benefit. They may be able to have the charges reduced or even dropped altogether. Additionally, the attorney might help protect their client’s reputation in the case of false allegations. By working with an attorney, a client may be able to negotiate for lower fees and reduced jail time.