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How to reduce the risk of a car crash: 3 tips

Car crashes are an unfortunate reality of life. With millions of people taking to the country’s roads each day, there’s a high chance that someone will make a mistake that leads to a collision that injures you.

You have no control over how others drive; so all you can do is adjust your own behavior to reduce the chance you cause or are caught up in a collision. Here are some ways you can do that:

1. Do not assume anybody is safe

If you assume everyone else out there is a poor driver, it allows you to compensate. For example, if you assume the driver approaching a changing light at speed will try and make it through then you can delay setting off across their path. Then, if they do run the light, it won’t affect you.

2. Don’t make sudden moves

Imagine you are driving along and suddenly notice you are about to miss your turn-off. It’s safer to miss it than suddenly brake or cut across to try and make it. Bear in mind not everyone is paying attention and an abrupt change of direction could catch them off guard. While missing the turn-off might cost you time, crashing will cost you much more.

3. Don’t exceed the speed limit

Not only is going above the limit illegal, but it is also dangerous. The faster you travel, the less time you have to react to maneuvers or mistakes by others. You might even consider traveling a little below the speed limit, provided that does not disrupt the flow of traffic as driving too slowly can also be dangerous.

Driving as well as you can reduces the chance of a crash, but it won’t eliminate the risk. If you do get caught up in one, it can help you show that the crash was not your fault and boost your claim for compensation.