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Is it worth defending against a speeding ticket?

Many people aren’t sure if it is worth trying to defend themselves against a speeding ticket. They know that speeding is fairly common, and then penalties don’t seem that severe on first glance.

Although that’s the case, the reality is that a speeding ticket can have a significant impact on you. You could see your insurance rates increase or find that the number of citations on your record is threatening to cause a license suspension or revocation.

In Louisiana, you won’t get demit points, but you can face other penalties. That makes it important for you to consider taking your case to court.

Why take your speeding ticket case to court?

The first reason to take your case to court is because officers don’t necessarily know the law. They may make mistakes, like pulling you over when they shouldn’t have or violating your rights, then that could invalidate a ticket.

Depending on the nature of your offense, you may be able to get the citation dropped if you can show that the officer was inaccurate or that there were other factors that impact your case. For instance, if you were speeding because your accelerator got stuck and you can prove a recall is out for your vehicle, then you may be able to prove innocence. Similarly, if your odometer was broken, you could argue that you didn’t know your true speed.

Will I win my case if the officer who cited me doesn’t show up?

Not usually. Generally speaking, even if the officer doesn’t appear, you can still be held accountable for the ticket. However, a good defense in court could help you get the penalties dropped or eliminated completely.

Defending against a ticket could help save you money and frustration

In the short-term, you might think it’s easier to pay a fine and accept a guilty plea, but in reality, that can hurt you. If you want to protect yourself, reduce the cost of your ticket and eliminate the expenses related to increased insurance rates, then you’ll want to go to court to fight the traffic ticket in person.