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New Orleans Underage Drinking Attorney

As a young adult, it can be frightening to be charged with underage drinking. Even if you only had one drink and were not intoxicated, you may still be prosecuted. While your offense may seem minor, pleading guilty can have lasting repercussions well into your future. It can affect job prospects, and if you are a college student, may cause you to lose scholarships or other benefits.

If you or your child has been charged with underage drinking, it is not wise to face the issue on your own. By enlisting a qualified defense attorney, you may find favorable solutions that you were not even aware of.

Moving Beyond Charges Of Underage Drinking

At Phillips Law, we understand that young people make mistakes. While being charged with underage drinking does not make you a bad person, it can leave you in a less than desirable legal situation. Whether you are a concerned parent or a young adult under the age of 21, we are here to help.

Many law firms take on cases of underage drinking only to place clients on a conveyor belt and do not treat them with the personal attention they deserve. This is not what you will find at our law firm. We make it a priority to treat each client as if he or she were our only client. As your lawyer, we will take the time to understand the specific details surrounding your underage drinking incident, clearly explain the law, and provide a range of options for proceeding. Throughout the process, your rights are our highest concern and we are readily available to discuss your misdemeanor case at any point.

Contact our Louisiana law firm if you have been charged with:

  • Underage drinking at a party
  • Underage drinking at a bar
  • Underage drinking and possession of a fake ID
  • Underage drunk driving

Defending Underage College Students Against Alcohol Offenses

We have a great deal of experience representing college students throughout the New Orleans areas who face minor consumption charges. Past clients have come to us from Tulane University, Loyola University, Xavier University and Southern University.

Metairie Minor In Possession Lawyer

At Phillips Law, we are committed to helping our clients successfully resolve their legal issues with skill and compassion. Contact us at 504-434-7000 to discuss your matter with a dedicated New Orleans underage drinking lawyer.