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Motor vehicle rollover accidents injure many Louisiana residents

As you know, any vehicle accident can lead to substantial injuries, even those deemed minor crashes. However, some auto accidents are more dangerous than others, including head-on collisions, semi-truck underride crashes and rollover accidents.

In this post, we wanted to talk about multi-vehicle rollover crashes and how driver negligence can contribute to these crashes. We also want to make sure you understand that you have the right to fair financial compensation after suffering accident injuries.

Why do rollover crashes occur?

With enough force from an outside factor (another car, an obstacle, etc.), any automobile could probably end up rolling over. However, these accidents typically involve vehicles with a high center of gravity, such as vans, SUVs and pickup trucks. In a crash scenario, the high center of gravity combined with the force of an impact can cause an automobile to roll.

How do other drivers contribute to rollovers?

Any poor or illegal driving behaviors can cause or contribute to rollover accidents. Five examples of typical driver negligence include:

  1. Speeding in general and driving too fast through turns
  2. Driving while drunk or after consuming drugs
  3. Operating a vehicle while texting or making phone calls
  4. Driving recklessly in unfavorable weather conditions
  5. Breaking other traffic laws while operating a vehicle

As in other motor vehicle accidents, victims of rollover crashes can suffer a range of severe or catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord trauma and traumatic brain injury. You will need as much financial compensation as possible to recover from severe injuries. A personal injury or accident claim can help you get the funds you need to begin the healing process.

We urge our New Orleans neighbors impacted by a vehicle accident to learn more about the state laws governing injury compensation and assert their rights after a loss.