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Navigating Juvenile Court in Orleans Parish, Louisiana

We just received a call from a mother this morning.  Her 15 year old son has been picked up with some pretty serious charges, and he is in Juvenile Court in Orleans Parish.  She asked me how Juvenile court is different.  In completely understand her concern. As a caring parent or guardian, it can be distressing to find yourself in a situation where your child faces criminal charges. In Orleans Parish, Louisiana, there is a separate legal system designed for minors.  But what is the difference?  Today, I’ll address how Juvenile court is  slightly different and stress the importance of hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney who has handled juvenile cases.

How is Juvenile Court Different?

Rather than focusing on punishment, this specialized court aims to guide young offenders towards positive change. They are different in three main aspects, age and jurisdiction, confidentiality and privacy and rehabilitation focus.

Age and Jurisdiction

Juvenile court has jurisdiction over individuals under 18 who are alleged to have committed delinquent acts or status offenses. Delinquent acts are crimes that would be illegal if committed by an adult, while status offenses are actions that are not offenses for those over 18 (such as truancy or curfew violations).

Confidentiality and Privacy

One significant difference between juvenile court and adult court is the emphasis on confidentiality. Juvenile legal proceedings prioritize privacy to protect future opportunities.  This can include education, housing and job opportunities.

Rehabilitation Focus

Unlike adult criminal courts, juvenile court judges prioritize rehabilitation through counseling, community service programs, education, and probation. The goal is to provide support, guidance, and learning opportunities for juveniles.

First Step: Seek Legal Representation

When your child faces a criminal offense, it’s vital to enlist an experienced criminal defense attorney specializing in juvenile law. These attorneys understand the nuances of the juvenile court system and can provide expert guidance tailored to your child’s situation.

Why Specialized Representation Matters

Having an attorney who understands the intricacies of Orleans Parish’s juvenile court system can significantly impact your child’s case outcome. We offer specialized support and advocate for your child’s rights, ensuring fair treatment.  If you have a child who is facing criminal charges in Orleans Parish, give our office a call at 504-434-7000.  During the free consultation we can discuss your child’s case and how we can help support your family in this time.