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New Orleans Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Have you or a loved one been hurt in a motorcycle crash? Serious injuries require serious representation from an experienced attorney. At Phillips Law, we have spent years standing up for the rights of injured motorcyclists in New Orleans and throughout Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

Who Was At Fault For The Motorcycle Crash Injury?

In motorcycle wreck cases, insurance companies will frequently try to cast doubt on the question of who was at fault. Negligent drivers may say that the motorcycle rider was at fault. Many people are biased against motorcycle riders; they think that motorcyclists ride dangerously. The insurance company may try to use this bias against the victim.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers know that the vast majority of motorcyclists drive safely. Ultimately though, it is through proof that we will win your
serious injury case. For that reason, we will need to conduct a thorough investigation to gather every relevant fact. When appropriate, we will bring in an accident reconstruction expert to prove who was to blame.

Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

An accident reconstruction specialist will be able to examine the scene of the crash and other evidence to determine who was to blame. The specialist may be able to examine things like skidmarks to determine the speeds that both the negligent driver and the victim were going at the time of the collision. Other details may reveal reckless behavior and more on the part of the negligent driver, and we will use all of this as proof to get you compensation.

Accident reconstruction is not always necessary. We may be able to gather sufficient evidence through witness statements and other sources. Our goal is to do whatever is necessary to make certain you get the money you need.

Free Consultations For Motorcycle Wreck Victims

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