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New Orleans 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers

When a semi-truck collides with a car, the driver or passengers in the car will likely suffer serious injuries. Recovery may take months or years, if complete recovery is even possible. Victims of truck accidents have the right to pursue compensation to help them cover the costs of medical bills and more. Phillips Law can help.

The Truth About Big Rig Accident Claims

Some people believe that 18-wheeler accidents are no different than any other car accident. This is simply not true. In truck accidents, there are unique challenges that need to be addressed, making it all the more important that you hire an experienced attorney.

Our lawyers understand the nuances in these personal injury cases. We know the importance of moving quickly, because a truck company may repair or destroy crucial evidence if we do not act fast to preserve it. We also know the unique laws that may come into play in these cases, laws that apply specifically to truck drivers and the trucking industry.

Do You Want Fair Compensation?

If you have been involved in a truck wreck, your opponents are the trucking company and its insurance company. These powerful opponents have a lot of money and vast resources at their disposal; they will put forth every effort to minimize your claim.

We are prepared to stand up to even the strongest opponents. The process starts with a thorough investigation. We will review logbooks. If we determine that a logbook has been falsified, which is a common occurrence in the trucking industry to mask illegal activity, we will search for further information to demonstrate that a truck driver was not only acting negligently but also breaking the law. We know how to build strong and successful cases.

Free Consultations For Truck Crash Victims

Contact us at 504-434-7000 or email us to discuss your case for free with an attorney serving New Orleans and the surrounding parts of Louisiana.