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Resident pursues recall of New Orleans politician

A real estate developer has asked for permission to recall a Louisiana official who was taken into custody for drunk driving. The 39-year-old claims that allowing an elected official to remain in office after engaging in such conduct may emboldened others to engage in similar misconduct.

What the recall process entails

For a recall vote to occur, the man pursuing the referendum must collect 14,390 signatures from voters living in the politician’s district. These signatures must be collected in the next 180 days to be considered valid. Assuming that the effort to meet this threshold is successful, a recall vote would be held at some point in 2021.

An overview of the official’s DUI case

On June 14, the official was driving his 2019 Chevy Tahoe when he lost control of the vehicle and struck a 2019 Nissan Rogue. He pled not guilty to a DWI charge and was expected to be back in court on Oct. 22. According to public records, the man had been taken into custody for drunk driving in Miami in 2006. In that case, the official pled no contest and was ordered to complete an alcohol and substance abuse course.

As the vehicle is paid for with taxpayer funds, taxpayers may be required to cover any costs stemming from the case. The city of New Orleans has no official policy as to how these vehicles can be used, and it is estimated that the vehicle program has cost taxpayers $1 million.

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