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Road rage incidents: How to control the situation

Driving in Louisiana traffic is perhaps the least favorite part of a person’s day. Add an aggressive driver to the mix, and it can be a downright nightmare. When a driver cuts you off, it can understandably be a frustrating experience. However, it is never a good idea to allow those emotions to make a bad situation worse.

Aggressive driving and road rage

The very best thing to avoid auto accidents and other types of road rage incidents is to never allow yourself to be an aggressive driver. However, controlling your own emotions is sometimes not enough to make others control theirs. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to reduce the chances of making things worse. First is to give the driver the benefit of the doubt and simply tell yourself that they didn’t do it on purpose. If that driver does become aggressive with you, it is important to avoid making the situation worse. This means not giving them the attention they want nor attempting to make your own aggressive move.

Additional de-escalation practices

Other drivers may become very aggressive, often believing that you are the cause of the issue. Never allow the situation to increase in severity. For example, if you have to stop at an intersection, the person may attempt to confront you by your driver’s side door. It would be best if you never allowed their words or actions to lead to a face-to-face confrontation. Remain in your vehicle until the light turns green, or if you feel really threatened, then contact 911 immediately.

Damages and accusations may result from a road rage incident. If you suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident, you may want to consult a lawyer. Doing so might help your chances of not only receiving compensation but also clearing your name of fault for the accident.