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Should you avoid taking the stand at trial?

Louisiana residents who have been charged with a crime might be looking forward to taking to the stand to proclaim their innocence. However, many people are surprised to find that their lawyer advises against taking the stand. There are actually many different reasons that someone charged with a crime should avoid taking the stand during their legal trial.

It’s possible to act adversely to an unexpected question

While your criminal defense lawyer will work with you to rehearse what your time on the stand will be like, they can only do so much. Since the prosecuting party may ask any relevant questions, it’s possible that a defendant may not be ready for a specific question. It’s very common when a person is asked a question that they’re not prepared to answer to stutter, make a face or have another slight reaction that could come across as negative to the jurors of the case.

Bad public speaking skills

Another common reason that a lawyer may advise against taking the stand is if a person has bad public speaking skills. Some people just don’t do well speaking in front of other people. They tend to forget things, stutter and sweat profusely. All of these reactions can come across as negative to jurors in the event of a trial. It’s best to leave the speaking up to a professional criminal defense lawyer who has good public-speaking skills.

When you’re charged with a crime that you did not commit, getting up on the stand isn’t always the best idea for the reasons above. Your attorney may offer advice about how to present a strong defense to help you avoid a conviction.