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Tourism can lead to people causing crashes in New Orleans

People are quick to heap blame on tourists for just about everything. They get blamed for crime, and for noisy socialization, even though locals can easily contribute to any of these three issues.

Still, there’s no denying that tourists do pose some safety concerns to residents and other visitors. In addition to sometimes making bad personal decisions, tourists could potentially cause car crashes that severely damage other people’s vehicles or leave someone hurt.

In the worst-case scenario, they may not even have the right kind of insurance on the rental vehicle, leaving the other people involved in the crash at a financial disadvantage.

How do tourists cause car crashes?

Safely driving in a town with a lot of foot traffic is a challenge on its own. When you add in sights, sounds and even smells that intrigue you, unfamiliar roads and the need to interact with a digital device, you have a perfect recipe for a severely distracted driver.

Many people who come to visit New Orleans will want the freedom of a vehicle to see as much of the city and the surrounding area as possible. Renting a vehicle can also be cost-effective for tourists, as arranging for taxis or other forms of professional transportation can quickly consume a large amount of someone’s vacation budget.

Unfortunately, trying to navigate unfamiliar roads and learn a vehicle you’ve never driven before can be quite hard. Someone trying to input data into a GPS or simply read the names of upcoming streets won’t be watching as closely as they should for pedestrians, cyclists and even other vehicles.

Tourists can also cause issues through drunk driving

Given that many people come to New Orleans for a festive atmosphere, it’s not surprising that some people take it too far. There’s nothing wrong with having a few too many drinks, but there is definitely a problem with putting other people at risk by going out on the road after overindulging.

Unfortunately, tourists who may feel wary about becoming victims of crime may not want to walk or use a taxi service. They may also worry that they will not be able to locate a rental vehicle if they leave it in the parking lot after a night of celebrating.

Whether the tourist who caused your crash was distracted, drunk or just unsafe at the wheel, you may need to take legal action to get compensation for any injuries you suffer or damage to your vehicle and other personal property.