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What are the long-term consequences of a DWI conviction?

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is one of the most common offenses in the U.S. Sometimes, even the most conscientious of drivers with a clean record can be arrested for DWI and suddenly find their life in a dizzying tailspin from which they may not pull out. 

Besides the straightforward consequences of a DWI conviction, some ramifications can hang over your head for years. Most people are aware of the short-term consequences of a DWI conviction in Louisiana, but they don’t always see the bigger picture.

Here are some of the long-term consequences of a DWI conviction:

DWI and background checks

These days, pretty much every employer performs a background check on a candidate during the interview process. A misdemeanor or felony conviction on your record can ruin your chances of securing a dream, especially if you are up against candidates with clean records. 

A background check may also be performed on you during your college admission or housing application process. Again, a DWI on your record can hurt your college admission or financing prospects, or even your ability to rent the place you want. 

DWI and your car insurance

Immediately following your DWI conviction, your car insurance policy will significantly rise because insurance companies consider drivers with DWI convictions “high risk.” 

The cost of insuring your car will be significantly higher for a couple of years following your conviction. Worse still, some insurance companies may even decline to do business with you altogether. 

DWI and professional associations

A DWI arrest and conviction can greatly impact how you relate with your employer and co-workers. Even you try to keep it under wraps, news about your arrest and conviction can show up on social media and ruin your reputation. 

A conviction can also result in the loss of your professional license. Depending on your company’s policy, a DWI conviction can even cost you your job. 

A DWI is a serious offense. With so much in the line, learning how to defend yourself is the first step towards protecting your future.