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What happens after a crash caused by someone without insurance?

The law in Louisiana treats driving as a privilege, not a right. Would-be drivers need to comply with state laws if they hope to lawfully operate a motor vehicle on public roads. Every driver needs proper licensing and also vehicle registration. To register a vehicle, a driver needs to provide proof of insurance.

Louisiana requires liability insurance from every motorist. Drivers have to carry both bodily injury and property damage coverage to protect others if they cause a crash. They also have the option of investing in additional insurance for special circumstances or significant losses. Yet, some drivers will realize after a crash that the person who caused the collision does not have the appropriate insurance coverage. What happens when an uninsured Louisiana driver causes a collision?

The affected parties may need to go to court

The purpose of liability insurance is to protect an individual from financial responsibility after a collision. Their coverage also serves to help mitigate the expenses that other people would have to absorb after a crash. It can pay for vehicle repairs, medical bills and someone’s lost wages if they cannot work because of an injury.

When someone does not have that coverage, they become directly liable for the consequences of the wreck they cause. Either the person injured in the crash or the surviving family members of someone who died in the crash could file a lawsuit in the Louisiana civil court. A successful lawsuit could lead to compensation well beyond what insurance would cover. People can claim a broader spectrum of losses and can see compensation that is not subject to policy limits that do not reflect what vehicles are worth or what medical care currently costs.

Some drivers may have supplemental insurance coverage that can help after a crash with an uninsured driver, but making a claim against their own coverage would inevitably increase what they pay for insurance. Those eager to hold the right parties accountable for the expenses stemming from a car crash may have a few options other than going to civil court to resolve the matter.

Knowing how to respond to a Louisiana collision caused by a driver without insurance may help people handle a frustrating and financially perilous situation. Seeking legal guidance is a good way to get started.