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What makes truck accident claims different?

A truck accident claim can get complicated. Unlike an ordinary car crash, you are looking at several potentially liable parties. On top of that, victims of trucking accidents often end up with severe injuries, some of which result in permanent disabilities or even death.

Therefore, if you or your loved one has been in a trucking accident, it is important to handle your claim carefully by avoiding anything that could hurt your chances of compensation.

Here is what you need to know.

Different rules apply

Trucking companies and truck drivers are regulated by federal agencies such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCA). It means that there are rules that truck drivers must adhere to, such as the Hours of Service. A violation of such rules can have a bearing on your car accident claim.

There may be multiple liable parties

In a trucking accident claim, it is not only the driver who can be held liable for the crash. Usually, the drivers may be liable only if they directly contributed to or caused the crash through negligent actions like speeding.

However, if the accident was caused by faulty brakes because of a lack of maintenance, the trucking company may be held liable for failing to observe the law. Equally, a car parts manufacturer may be responsible if a defective car part caused the accident.

The stakes are higher

Given the severity of injuries from such accidents, damages can run into millions of dollars. The substantial settlement package means that compensation negotiations can get tense, with each side seeking to protect their interests.

Maximizing your settlement

Navigating your case with the necessary information will help you protect your legal rights throughout the claims process or even in court. Above all, it will ensure that you make the most out of your claim by getting the compensation you deserve.