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What should people know about Louisiana insurance after a crash?

Every day, people in Louisiana get into car crashes that damage their vehicles or even injure someone. After a wreck, those with property damage or medical costs will usually need to file an insurance claim.

The driver who causes the crash according to the police report or an analysis of the collision by the insurance companies involved will typically be the one whose policy must pay for any damages people suffer.

When you understand how liability insurance works in Louisiana, you will have an easier time navigating the claim after someone hurts you or wrecks your vehicle.

The state only requires a minimum amount of coverage

Drivers have to buy a certain amount of coverage to legally drive in Louisiana, but they have the right to purchase more. Quite a few people decide to only carry the bare minimum amount of protection required.

These drivers should have just $25,000 to cover all the property damage expenses from the crash. If you have a newer vehicle or one with substantial upgrades, $25,000 may not cover the full cost to replace your vehicle or get it back to the exact condition and value it had before the crash.

A driver may have as little as $15,000 worth of medical coverage, which might mean that there will be left over bills from the crash or lost wages that you have no way to recover. For crashes with two or more hurt people, the minimum medical liability coverage goes up to $30,000.

When there isn’t enough insurance available, you may have no choice but to file a civil lawsuit against the driver who hurt you. A successful claim in court could reimburse you for those losses not covered by insurance. Understanding the limitations of insurance after a Louisiana crash will make it easier for you to get the support you need.