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When a car accident leads to brain injuries

Car accidents can cause severe injuries to a person, with brain damage being among the most devastating types. While some brain injuries are immediately apparent, others may not become noticeable for several hours or even days following the accident.

If you’ve been hurt, it is important that you allow the first responders to check you over at the accident scene. Should they decide that transportation to the hospital is necessary, do not refuse. Even if you feel okay, you may have a brain injury that requires medical attention.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

During a collision, your head could strike the steering wheel, be hit by flying glass or slam against a car window. At the hospital, you will undergo testing for a number of different traumatic brain injuries.

The doctor will check to see if your injuries are open or closed. An open injury occurs when an object hits or impales the head, such as a steel rod or sharp glass. A closed brain injury means that there are no visible openings or fractures.

You will be checked for concussions, fractures of the skull, contusions and more.

Recovering from a brain injury

Sustaining a brain injury usually leads to some form of medical treatment. A minor injury may simply require that you spend a few days in the hospital. When the injury is more severe, an extended stay in a rehabilitation facility may be necessary.

When a brain injury occurs, there will be a lot of medical bills to pay. That’s why you should seek legal guidance regarding compensation for your injuries if another driver was at fault.