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Why tailgating is dangerous

When driving, you expect that other drivers are aware and will maintain a safe following distance. It can be stressful when someone tailgates you. This is aggressive behavior on the other driver’s part that can lead you into an accident.

This guide discusses why tailgating is dangerous.

It can cause rear-end crashes

When someone tailgates you, they lack enough stopping distance. Thus, if you run into traffic or any other factor that requires you to brake suddenly or reduce speed, they won’t have enough space to respond. As a result, they may crash into you, causing you injuries, such as soft tissue and spinal injuries, and damage to your vehicle.

It can lead to road rage incidents

The fact that a driver is tailgating you proves they may have disregard for you and other road users. Accordingly, they may also engage in road rage -yelling, constantly hooting, flashing lights or using disrespectful gestures. This can distract them or you, increasing the chances of an accident happening. 

What should you do?

If a driver is tailgating you, it will help to stay calm and focus on your driving. Maintain your speed – do not be pressured to increase it. And when it’s safe, allow them to pass. If there is no adequate space to let them pass, and their behavior worsens, consider pulling over at a gas station or an open parking lot to give them the way.

When should you call the police?

An aggressive driver is bound to be stopped by the police. However, if they keep harassing you, even after you have allowed them to pass, it may be time to stop your car and call the police.

If you are injured by a tailgater, it’s always wise to consider your legal options and seek guidance that can help you receive the compensation you deserve.