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You can get a DUI in the morning

One thing to remember about drunk driving is that you could still be at risk of getting DUI charges the morning after you have consumed alcohol. Many people don’t realize that they are still impaired or that their BAC has not fallen back to zero yet. Don’t assume that you’re sober just because you spent some time sleeping. Getting back in the car could still lead to an arrest.

To some degree, it depends on how long you slept. Remember that time is the only thing that really sobers you up. Sleep itself doesn’t help, just like a cup of coffee or a cold shower won’t help. But the time that you spend sleeping allows your body to break down the alcohol in your system, which slowly lowers your blood alcohol concentration. A full night of sleep may be enough to sober you up, but catching a few hours before you head to work will not.

What do you do if you are facing charges?

You can see how a simple mistake in judgment could lead to DUI charges. You never intended to break the law or put anyone in danger, but you just didn’t realize what your blood alcohol concentration was. These charges can be very serious and could come with a long license suspension, heavy financial fines and even time behind bars.

As such, it’s very important for you to understand all of the legal defense options that you have. You don’t want the rest of your life to be defined by this one incident, especially if it was simply a mistake.